Here’s my 73 mazda rx2 a/t original 12a w twin dist Tampa, FL US Mazda RX2 for sale Old School and Other Rotary This 1972 Mazda RX2 shows 80,000 original miles and the seller claims to be the original owner. Sell mazda capella rx2 cars free. 1000′s of used mazda capella rx2 car sales and in australia and mazda capella rx2 related. Clear all videos from this list I have no clue what to sell this car for. Mazda RX2 complete car – now breaking for spares. -Parts For Sale Ad. (SouthGate C,A) (24/9). All that plus blue California plates and a great color combination. It appeared just after the Familia-based Mazda R100, and.

Mazda Rx2 Drag Race Cars for sale by Deira in United States. mazda rx2 for sale, For sale Auction mazda rx7 black 1973 0mi coupe gasoline 1973 Mazda rx-2 I am selling my Mazda rx2. The RX-2 was one of the first Mazda vehicles offered for sale in the United States, lasting from 1971 through 1974. Anyone out there know where I might find other cars similiar to this so I can compare and know what to ask for it.
It was my dads

Wanted 1971-1974 mazda rx2
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